Our History

The Company was originally incorporated as CCC Ltd., in the state of Colorado on March 11, 2013. On October 9, 2014, CCC Ltd. merged with and into CanCore Concepts Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of Colorado. CanCore Concepts Inc. is the surviving entity of this merger.

Mission Statement:

Providing legal medical and retail Cannabis operations with the highest quality Consulting, IP Licensing and Packaging solutions.

Business Overview:

The Company is in the business of providing consultation services to licensed operations and organizations looking to obtain licensing in the Medicinal and retail Cannabis space. The Company was established with the goal of developing and licensing standard operating procedures and intellectual property (such as trademarks, trade names and know how) in the Cannabis spaces and providing professional consulting services.
The Company never possesses manufactures, dispenses, markets or distributes any cannabis or its psychoactive compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The SOP’s have been developed over years of research and development contracts with licensed manufacturers along with the executive teams 15+ year-combined experience operating licensed entities in the State of Colorado.

Company Goals and Objectives:

The Company’s primary goals are to support the development and introduction of state-compliant packaging, intellectual property and standard operating procedures to help our consultees and/or licensees obtain State approved licenses and thrive in the medicinal and adult-retail use Cannabis space. The Company also aims to develop valuable intellectual property for those in the Target Market, whether medicinal or adult-retail use. The Company achieves its goals through the implementation of efficient business models, a strong research and development, public education campaigns, consumer awareness programs and an adherence to high ethical standards.

Business Philosophy:

In addition to developing its packaging, intellectual property and standard operating procedures, the Company also focuses on educating the public and creating awareness programs on topics relating to the cannabis industry. The Company is a founding member of the ATACH, founded to promote compliant expansion, protection, and preservation of incorporated businesses and stakeholders engaged in the legal trade of industrial, medical, and recreational cannabis and hemp based products (ATACH.org).

Operational Consulting

In order to standardize licensee operations, the Company will aid each licensee in implementing the Company’s manufacturing and distribution model. Each licensee’s executive team will also work with its respective senior consultant in an effort to optimize production and efficiency. The Company’s business procedures were designed specifically to ensure that the Company would never possess, manufacture, dispense, market or distribute any controlled substance. Rather, the Company focuses on the development of compliant product development, packaging and standard operating procedures related to the operation of various business activities including but not limited to: accounting; handling of hazardous materials; licensing; compliance, manufacturing distribution, loss prevention and human resources.

Operational History

Over the past 3 years, the Company has provided consultation services to medical Cannabis applicants and licensed organizations in the following States: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada and New York.


Medical and Recreational Cannabis in the United States are high growth/ new markets that are virtually untapped with regard to the CCC LLC model.  This plan is aimed at transforming the corporation into the Market Leader for Cannabis based product development and marketing.  The industry is ever changing, as the laws have not been completely formalized to date. As the laws regarding this industry change so will CCC LLC strategy.

Core Competencies:

CCC LLC primary competitive advantages reside in the strong marketing abilities of the firm’s professional marketing team combined with a highly skilled Research & Development team. The synergy between these two functional areas has already developed multiple brands within the space. This efficient model of design and R&D will continue to lead the company towards greater market share and brand awareness for years to come.